Why Spin Content is Dangerous For The Website?

Why Spin Content is Dangerous For The Website?

As we know always content is the king in SEO world. All webmasters knows clearly without content working for keywords ranking is useless. You are not going to rank, but you will be always penalized by Google.

So all are trying to add the Unique content to the website, but there are some webmasters they are stealing content through different techniques as example spin content. They are picking the content from different website and with help of some software’s they are making the new content. They are thinking this content is new and fresh content for them, but they don’t know Google is tracking from different angles. Google can figure out which is the original content and which is the spin content. This content spinning practice is always dangerous for your website.

The fresh and original content is always original but not matter what you do spin content is the duplicate content. As Google is indexing the website as per content and keywords so they are using different techniques to know which is real original and which spanned content are. So Google’s eye is always on the content. Anytime the website can be caught by Google and in the updates the website will be badly affected. So it is always advisable to use only fresh and your own content to make your website healthy.

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Different points to discuss Why Spin content are Dangerous for the website?

  • First Google tracks the content, no matter what you do some days you will be caught.
  • Using software, which will make the mistake because software will never think what is right and what is wrong. It will work as per programs.
  • Software will never do the research which you can do.
  • There is a very good chance of grammatical error by the software.
  • Users always like the simple language not the complicated language which you will get through the software. It will increase your bounce rate.
  • It will affect your creativity.


When you are writing any content for your website or blog or any article always try to write in your own language. Make it simple and use very simple words which will like by the users.

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