Secret Tips: How to Rank The Keywords in Faster Way?

Secret Tips: How to Rank The Keywords in Faster Way?

Search Engine optimization is based on Keywords ranking and visitors. If a SEO professional is unable to deliver the keywords ranking then the business will fail for sure. So for a webmaster it is major and most important to get a keywords ranking within the time frame. There are many secret tips how to rank keywords in a faster way.

If you are ready to accept the challenge then it is easy for you to get the keywords ranking for the website. If you are lazy then definitely you are going to fail. We know very clearly there are some keywords are easy to rank and some keywords are very difficult to rank. It’s all about how you are choosing the keywords for the website. You can check mu other post How to choose keywords for a website. You will get a better idea about keywords analysis.

Rank a keywords

For mid-level keywords which have the search volume and mid-level competition it is required to do the ground level analysis. For example go through your competitor’s website and see why he is ranking not you. Check your competitors back link and try to get link from those websites for your website.

Let’s discuss How to rank a website in a faster way?

Keywords are just like plant. As a plant needs water to grow same way keywords required proper back link and proper care for rank. Both are same in different condition.

  • The keywords you are targeting to rank make sure the keyword must have present in the same URL.
  • Keyword must have in the page content at list 3% which we called keywords density.
  • The page must have 600+ words.
  • The keywords must have present from the beginning of the page title tag.
  • The keywords must have present from the beginning of the page description and keywords tag.
  • Add image title with the keywords.
  • Every day check the keywords ranking.
  • Get back linking from other websites from the keywords.
  • Make the page error free.
  • Test the page in Google test tool for first page loading. If it pass then OK or else make some design adjustment and make page the first.
  • Your website must have a responsive website which will load in mobile.
  • Monitor the page last catch date. Try to make it faster.

Monitor keywords ranking whether it is increasing or decreasing. If it is increasing then continue the same off page activities. If it decreasing then makes some adjustment in the on page and you will see it will give you some movement of the keywords. Remember when you do some changes in a page, Google index your new changes in his database which will give you some movement. If you on page concept is clear then you will get the better ranking.

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