How to Choose or How to do keywords research for a website?

How to Choose or How to do keywords research for a website?

If we are doing online business then it is most important factor how to choose the proper keywords for the website. We need to do some critical analysis and research before finalizing any keywords for the products and services. We need to keep in mind that one keyword can give us lot more visitors than 10 keywords. Better to do some analysis and research before finalizing any keywords for the website.

There are many tools are available to do the keywords analysis. You can take help of those keywords to know what the keywords search is and what the competition of the keywords is. According to the data you need to finalize the keywords for your website. You can take the help of the tools and can do the keywords research for a website.

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Never target those keywords which have very high competition. It is quite obvious when we are targeting high search volume keywords, the competition must he very high. Better to avoid those keywords otherwise it will take lot more time to get ranking on those keywords.

First plan properly before selecting any keywords the reason I am saying because we know very clearly some keywords will take few days to rank, some will take few months and some keywords will take years to get success. So here you can categories those keywords as level 1, level 2 and level 3.


Keywords Analysis


Level 1: Chose such keywords which have very less competition and have some average search volume. There group of keywords will rank within some days we can say. It is easy to rank of the level 1 keywords but you need to do the proper on page first on your website.

Level 2: Here we can add some keywords which have mid-level competition and have mid-level search volume. It will take few months to rank. You need to do proper on page and off page for the keywords which you are targeting on level 2 keywords.

Level 3: This is the top level keywords we can choose. We have to choose keywords which have high search volume and less competition. It will take years to rank but it will give you maximum visitors to the website. Proper on page, off page required to rank this kind of keywords.

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The reason we have to make the categories of the keywords because when we are doing SEO for our own website or for our customers we need to keep in mind that they are expecting result from the day one. So we have shown result accordingly. If we are targeting level 3 keywords from the day one then it is sure that the customers will go in few days. To avoid such situation we need to target all level of keywords in the website.


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